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The key component of GreenFlame® charcoal lighter fluid is biobased n-butanol, produced in Green Biologics’ own facility in Little Falls, Minnesota. Using Green Biologics’ proprietary fermentation process, the plant turns Minnesota-grown corn into renewable n-butanol, acetone, and ethanol. The plant, which for 20 years produced ethanol for the Central Minnesota Ethanol Cooperative (CMEC), was purchased by Green Biologics in December, 2014 and subsequently expanded to make n-butanol and acetone.

The Little Falls facility is the only biobased Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol plant in the world. Unlike traditional ethanol-producing plants, its corn is milled early before fermentation, to remove protein and fiber. This material is provided as high-protein feed for livestock. Bacteria that remains after fermentation is gathered for use as liquid NPK fertilizer. The entire process supports a renewable, sustainable, and self-perpetuating system: local farmers purchase the plant’s fertilizer to help grow its corn.

exterior of charcoal lighter fluid manufacturing plant

Green Biologics manufacturing facility in Little Falls, MN


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