How is GreenFlame® Different from Other Lighter Fluids?

GreenFlame charcoal lighter fluid is made from Minnesota corn and other agriculturally derived ingredients. This proprietary blend ignites quickly and burns cleanly.

What is the Magic Behind GreenFlame®?

GreenFlame is a proprietary and patented formula comprised primarily of n-butanol, which is produced through our Advanced Fermentation Process in our facility in Little Falls, Minnesota. n-Butanol is a potent fuel oxygenate allowing for complete combustion of the formula to carbon oxide gases. In short, it burns cleaner with less smoke.

Can I Use GreenFlame® in Cold or Damp Conditions?

Yes. Testing at our Green Chemistry Lab in Ashland, Virginia has demonstrated that GreenFlame ignites in cold weather, snow, and light rain conditions. It lights and stays lit under a wide range of conditions when label directions are followed.


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